Presto Electric Potato Peeler - The No. 1?

electric potato peeler

So, you are looking for Presto electric potato peeler? You are in the right place as I will share with you a summary of customer review about this kitchen tool. Presto electric potato peeler is one of most popular potato peeler in the market. The brand Presto is probably the main factor, as Presto is known by many as a manufacturer of high quality product.

The exact name of this item is Presto 02905 Peel a Meal Electric Peeler (see picture). Even though it is one popular peeler it is not reviewed by many Amazon buyer. There are only 6 reviews at the time I write this post. Three customers rated this electric potato peeler 5 star, one rated it 2 star, and two rated it 1 star (out of 5 star). The average rate is 3 star, but this rating by very small number of customer might not a good indicator of the quality of Presto electric potato slicer.

Buyers that rate Presto electric potato peeler 5 star told that:

* this potato peeler works so it lightens the very person tasks
* it works perfectly
* it also works on carrot and apple

Buyers that rate this potato peeler 2 and 1 star wrote that:
* does not work very well on apple
* need to peel the potato manually after using Presto electric potato peeler
* again, does not work well on apple

Presto electric potato peeler is rated by very small number of buyer. If one needs the general number then it is quite good as three out of six buyer rated this kitchen tool 5 star. Presto electric potato peeler is not the only one, there are many good potato peeler out there. Lucky with this Internet, electric potato peeler and info about it are everywhere.

electric potato peeler