Oxo Potato Peeler – Top 3 Models! (electric potato peeler)

Oxo Potato Peeler is not the most sophisticated peeler, not even a beautiful item. HERE ARE THE WHOLE 3 OXO POTATO PEELERS! There are many kind of potato peelers in the market and you should aware of at least three types. They are manual potato peeler, automatic or electric potato peeler and commercial potato peeler.

Oxo Potato Peeler is the manual peeler. Even though potato peeler by OXO is cheap, they are the most sought after item. Lucky with this Internet you can get Oxo Potato Peeler at deep discount in online stores everywhere

Potato peeler by Oxo according to popularity:

1. OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler (picture)
Rotating stainless steel blade combine with ergonomic rubber handle. A perfect combination you can say. Cannot comment much but in a popular online store I found that 87 out 121 buyers rated it 5 star.

2. OXO Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler
Some people like Y peeler and these people have to think about OXO Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler. Too many good things have been said about this peeler, even people wo do not like it admitted it has very sharp blade.

3. OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler
This is what Robert Allen (Surrey, UK) said about this number three most popular Oxo peeler:

7 STARS ! Having been a Head Chef (4 STAR Hotel in Hampton Court - Henry VIII's Palace) in a previous life, I know the benefits of using a highly efficient tool to make a boring repetitive task bearable. After thoroughly researching the market, I came a cross this little beauty. It even makes peeling spuds - FUN ! Shush ! don't tell anyone I said that, as I don't want to be thought of as SAD. It does its job superbly well, and is a joy to use.

NOTE: In use, I found the swivel peeler to be better for rounder items such as Spuds, and the Y peeler better for longer items such as Carrots and Parsnips. Horses for courses.

When something exceeds your expectations by a country mile, then it must be really good. BUY IT NOW, you won't regret it. Its macho boyfriend, the i-Series Y Peeler, is also superb, and is also a BUY IT NOW !

If you buy both, you will make them very happy, as they can then canoodle together in the drawer in the dark !

You are from US, UK, Canada or Singapore or else you are all lucky because Oxo Potato Peeler is sold at deep discount in online stores everywhere

Potato Peeler Vs. Apple Peeler

Can a potato peeler peels apple? This question sounds naive but why not ask if one has doubt. THE ANSWER IS 'YES'.. 'BUT'! The answer is yes, a potato peeler can be used to peel apple, and the other way around. But, 2 in 1 item would not always function best in both ways. The general idea that we learn from everyday life says that the wiser decision is if you want to peel potato then pick potato peeler and for apple is apple peeler.

This is an article about apple peeler:

Apple Peeler, Corer, and Slicer - 4 Benefits

What exactly is an apple peeler, corer, and slicer, other than a bit of a tongue-twister? Go ahead, try saying it 3 times over, really quickly!

Well, it's a handy, clever little gadget to make your time in the kitchen easier. Not surprisingly, it does what it says on the tin or stainless steel, as that's what they are mostly made out of. It peels, slices and cores... all at the same time.

It consists of a spoke to hold the apple in place, blades to do the cutting and a stand so that you can attach it to your kitchen work surface. The stand is either a clamp or a suction cup style - both work well.

All you have to do is insert the apple onto the metal spoke and crank the handle, and voila. The result is a peeled, cored and sliced apple. Or a potato. Or even a pear.

So, what are the benefits? Here are some:

1. It's a time saver. How long does it take to peel, slice and core an apple manually? 5 minutes perhaps, once you've found the corer, that is! The apple peeler corer slicer literally takes seconds to complete the job. You can easily adjust the width of the slices too.

2. It's simple. Anyone can use one.

3. It's clean. I know people who can make quite a mess doing this manually. The apple peeler, slicer, and corer does the job without all the sticky mess.

3. It will make you eat more apples. Maybe! Often, I choose an unhealthy snack over an apple simply because I don't want to peel and slice the apple. The apple peeler corer slicer helps me eat more apples and you know what they say... an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

4. The uses are endless - apple sauce, crisps, fritters, pie, cake... I'm getting hungry for one just writing this! That's just for apples - use it for potatoes and pears too.

Next, see your choices for an Apple Peeler Corer

Very lucky, with this Internet even though you are not in US, UK, Canada or Australia, best potato peeler and apple peeler are sold at deep discount in many online stores everywhere

5 Potato Peeler & 5 Review!

Potato Peeler machine, do not settle for less than the best one. POTATO PEELER MIGHT BE DAMN CHEAP BUT IT IS YOUR $$$! You have the right to get the best from every dollar you have. There are several kinds of potato peeler but you should aware of these three – manual peeler, electric potato peeler and commercial potato peeler. Lucky, whether you are in US, UK, Canada or China with this Internet you can get this kitchen gadget at deep discount everywhere

Here is the list of 5 most sought after potato peeler machine to help you to pick the best:

1. Hobart Potato Peeler
This one is commercial potato peeler. To be used by restaurant or business bigger than that. Comes with different capacity – 15 lb, 20 lb, 30 lb and 50-60 lb. Probably the most sought after commercial grade peeler in this planet!

2. Kenwood Potato Peeler
As far as I see there is no such thing as Kenwood potato peeler per se. What I found in the market is an attachment to Kenwood’s popular gadget – Kenwood Chef. With this attachment (e.g., model AT444 for US and UK market) your Kenwood Chef can now peel a bowl of potatoes.

3. Rotato Potato Peeler
Rotato potato peeler is Internet’s most sought after household grade automatic potato peeler. But, I am not sure whether it is the best electric potato peeler. It looks not strong at all, I doubt this gadget will survive if it falls from your bench or table. Maybe it is popular because it is a ‘As Seen on TV’ item.

4. Oxo Potato Peeler
Potato peeler by OXO is probably the best cheap potato peeler sold in the Internet. It comes with stainless steel blade and rubber handle. Steel and rubber is a combination of material that says durability plus comfort. Top items include - OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler, OXO Good Grips Pro Y-Peeler and OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler. The best thing is these products by OXO are rated 5 star by most buyer.

5. Star Potato Peeler
Star potato peeler is the very basic potato peeler I have ever seen, it looks like bone only – nothing but stainless steel. And most the time this kind of item is either 100% works well or 100% bad. I think some people called it swiss potato peeler.

Lucky, best potato peelers are sold at deep discount in many online stores everywhere

RSVP Potato Ricer - 5 FACTS!

RSVP Potato Ricer - You have heard rumours said this one is the best. RUMOURS ARE AS GOOD AS GOSSIPS, BUT RELY ON RSVP Potato Ricer 5 FACTS HERE! Products by RSVP look very sturdy and strong, mainly stainless steel and rated very high by users.

Lucky with this Internet you can get RSVP Potato Ricer at deep discount in online stores everywhere

5 Facts:

1. There are several models of RSVP Potato Ricer, and this one is the popular one (rated very high in America's Test Kitchen too):

2. Unlike many items made by RSVP, the top potato ricer is mainly heavy-duty and durable plastic (most RSVP items are made of stainless steel)

3. It comes with two ricer plates - for medium and coarse potato rice

4. 43 out 62 customers rated this item 5 out of 5 star. Common praises are this RSVP Potato Ricer works very well, easy to disassemble and put it back together, and easy to clean.

5. There might be no top 10 RSVP Potato Ricer, but top 5 items in term of customer choice are:
no. 1 - item above
no. 2 - RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Food Mill
no. 3 - RSVP International 11.75-in. Endurance Jumbo Potato Ricer
no. 4 - RSVP rotary VEGETABLE applesauce FOOD MILL ricer
no. 5 - RSVP Endurance Jumbo Potato Ricer

RSVP Potato Ricer is for home use so do not expect it to perform like a superman. If you have stall or restaurant you should pick a commercial potato ricer. This type of ricer does not has the good look but it is designed to be a work horse and durable. Commercial potato ricer is also suitable for mum who has big family.

People around the globe consume potato everyday, this is when electric potato peeler is a good kitchen helper. In America they may take mash potato and in India potato is added to chicken curry. Whether you are in US, UK, Canada or Australia, go and get no less than the best RSVP Potato Ricer

Best Potato Peeler - SURPRISE!

Best Potato Peeler - Is it a myth like unicorn? No, there is one and its here. AND ITS MAY UNLIKE WHAT YOU ARE THINKING! There are electric potato peeler, carbon potato peeler, potato peeler gloves and many more out there. The trick is not to spend a lot but how to pick one that can do its job best.

If you asked about Best Potato Peeler 15 years ago, you may need to walk several miles and interview people to get satisfying answer. But, today is your lucky day. With this Internet, no matter you are in US, UK, Canada or Australia you can get Best Potato Peeler at deep discount in online stores everywhere

The Best Potato Peeler is not a sophisticated one but this:

It is the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler (picture). What can you say, at the time this review potato peeler is written 83 out of 114 buyers rated it 5 star. It is design to help you to peel potato, carrot and also fruit like apple. It comes with built in potato eye remover (which customers said this feature work well). And most happy users praised the handle - suit the name 'Good Grips'.

This is what rated the best by customers in one of US's online stores; different country may have different top potato peeler. Act now, do not settle less than the Best Potato Peeler