2 Electric Potato Peeler by Princess

electric potato peeler

Do not overlook electric potato peeler by Princess. They have been rated very well by users, particularly Amazon customers. Just I am not very sure why US Amazon does not sell Princess’s electric potato peeler. The one that I will review below is based on UK customer rating. Who knows, electric potato peeler by Princess might be the right one for you.

Princess electric potato peeler comes in at least two models:

1. Princess 1940 White Potato Peeler/Salad Spinner
2. Elgento Potato Peeler And Salad Spinner

Let’s see what is about the Princess 1940 White Potato Peeler/Salad Spinner (picture). From the outside this kitchen tool looks very similar with Presto electric potato peeler. This peeler by Princess comes with 6 stainless steel peeling blades. The manufacturer claims that it can peel 1 kg potatoes in 2 minutes.

Product description says that this tool is equipped with powerful motor, safety switch, handy size regulator, transparent lid, and cord retraction. Plus, this electric potato peeler has a second function - as salad spinner. There is a spinner basket with it, useful for drying lettuce and salad.

At the time I write this article five out of 11 customers who reviewed this product in Amazon UK rated it 5 star. Positive points mentioned include:

1. Light and less noisy compared to other brand electric potato peeler
2. Easy to clean as it just need a rinse
3. This kitchen item peels potatoes in 2 minutes

Four customers rated this Princess electric potato peeler 4 star, one rated it 3 star, and one rated it 1 star. The dissatisfaction includes:

1. The customer who rated this item 1 star is actually got his order canceled by the seller (so he is disappointed with the seller instead of the automatic potato peeler)

The rating for this Princess electric potato peeler is high, the average is 4 star. If you want to buy an electric potato peeler then it is worth to read customer review. See both what happy customers and what unsatisfied customers say. Learn from your own experience is wise but learn from others experience is wiser. Lucky, with this Internet electric potato peeler and info about it are everywhere.

electric potato peeler