RSVP Potato Ricer - 5 FACTS!

RSVP Potato Ricer - You have heard rumours said this one is the best. RUMOURS ARE AS GOOD AS GOSSIPS, BUT RELY ON RSVP Potato Ricer 5 FACTS HERE! Products by RSVP look very sturdy and strong, mainly stainless steel and rated very high by users.

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5 Facts:

1. There are several models of RSVP Potato Ricer, and this one is the popular one (rated very high in America's Test Kitchen too):

2. Unlike many items made by RSVP, the top potato ricer is mainly heavy-duty and durable plastic (most RSVP items are made of stainless steel)

3. It comes with two ricer plates - for medium and coarse potato rice

4. 43 out 62 customers rated this item 5 out of 5 star. Common praises are this RSVP Potato Ricer works very well, easy to disassemble and put it back together, and easy to clean.

5. There might be no top 10 RSVP Potato Ricer, but top 5 items in term of customer choice are:
no. 1 - item above
no. 2 - RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Food Mill
no. 3 - RSVP International 11.75-in. Endurance Jumbo Potato Ricer
no. 4 - RSVP rotary VEGETABLE applesauce FOOD MILL ricer
no. 5 - RSVP Endurance Jumbo Potato Ricer

RSVP Potato Ricer is for home use so do not expect it to perform like a superman. If you have stall or restaurant you should pick a commercial potato ricer. This type of ricer does not has the good look but it is designed to be a work horse and durable. Commercial potato ricer is also suitable for mum who has big family.

People around the globe consume potato everyday, this is when electric potato peeler is a good kitchen helper. In America they may take mash potato and in India potato is added to chicken curry. Whether you are in US, UK, Canada or Australia, go and get no less than the best RSVP Potato Ricer