Electric Potato Peeler – The Cordless 1

electric potato peeler

I am sure you are looking for the right electric potato peeler. There are many types of electric potato peeler in the market – some peel very fast but sound louder than the big bang and others are slow and quiet like a snail. The one that I want to share with you today is cordless electric potato peeler (see picture).

This peeler is called Perfect Cordless Electric Peeler. It is another As Seen On TV product. This is how Amazon described this kitchen gadget:

“...Amazing New Kitchen Tool Saves Time and Work!! Fast and Handy Lightweight Fits Perfect in Your hand Easy to Use. Built in Corer Removes Potato Eyes Fast and Easy Just Press the button to perfectly peel fruits and vegetables. Easy to clean, remove batteries and pop off blade. Operates on 2 'AA' batteries (Not Included) Simply press the button... Perfect Peelers precision blade moves side to side and up and down for perfectly peeled potatoes, carrots, apples and more - with almost no effort at all.”

Unfortunately, there is still no customer rating for this product in Amazon. My guess is Perfect Cordless Electric Peeler functions like Zyliss’s electric potato peeler (see my previous article). Both of them are very quiet and slide smoothly on potato.

Electric potato peeler eases you cooking tasks. Whatever your potato recipe, electric potato peeler will cut your cooking time into half. Plus you can use it to peel apples, carrot and for some model even tomatoes. Lucky with this Internet electric potato peeler and info about it are everywhere.

The valid Amazon link:

electric potato peeler

Rotato Electric Potato Peeler - 10 Facts!

electric potato peeler

The full name of this automatic potato peeler is Deluxe Starfrit Electric Rotato Potato Peeler Express. At the time I write this article 20 out of 48 Amazon customers who reviewed this item rated it 5 star. So, if you are looking for the right electric potato peeler then this one is worth to consider. Let's see 10 random info about Rotato electric potato peeler:

1. The average Amazon customer rating for this kitchen gadget is 3.5 star.

2. The recommended retail price is $49.99 but you can buy this item at a deep discount in many online stores.

3. There are at least three model of Rotato electric potato peeler in the market. The peeler in the picture above is one of them.

4. This peeler can also peel other fruits and vegetables particularly apple and zucchini

5. Comes with two built-in storage - one for spare blades and another for storing battery

6. This plastic electric potato peeler can be operated using electricity as well as 4 AA batteries

7. People with arthritis and amputated arm love this electric potato peeler

8. Happy customers said it is a good gift idea

9. Unhappy customer said this automatic potato peeler does not work on apple

10. Common bad comments -"...the blade popped off. Even changing to a new blade did not stop the blade from coming off..."

Have you decide which electric potato peeler is the right for you? There are many kind of electric potato peeler in the market. I will review more of them soon. I should inform you that the peeler that I reviewed above is an As Seen On TV product. Lucky, with this Internet electric potato peeler and info about it are everywhere.

electric potato peeler