Presto Peel A Meal - 6 Pros & Cons! (electric potato peeler)

electric potato peeler

Presto Peel A Meal is one popular electric potato peeler in the market. The name Presto is like a keyword to high quality kitchen gadget. People who are looking for electric potato peeler, electric potato grater, or electric potato ricer, they would go for Presto if there is one by this company. No wonder Presto Peel A Meal is one most sought after.

The official name of the manufacturer is National Presto Industries, Inc. It is a well known manufacturer of housewares and portable electric appliances. Presto is founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. At the early years of its operation it manufactures industry-grade pressure canners for commercial canneries. Presto then produces many high quality kitchen gadgets including a series of salad shooters. Presto salad shooter is very popular, mums who have this electric slicer like it much, so does their daughter.

The manufacturer claims that using Presto Peel A Meal is a fast and easy way to peel potatoes, carrots, apples, and other fruits. It is also said that this electric potato peeler can peel up to two pounds of potato in minutes. Very simple to operate. It comes with see-through cover (you can watch the peeling process), dishwasher-safe bowl and peeling disc, and built-in cord storage inside the base. The bonus is a salad spinner attachment.

Presto Peel A Meal were reviewed positively by Amazon customers. At the times this article is written 5 out 12 customer who reviewed this product rated it 5 star. These are what happy customers say about this electric potato peeler:

a. works very well, it can peel up to 5 pounds of potato in around 15 minutes
b. this electric potato peeler works even on old, wrinkled and hard to peel potato
c. works as advertised and easy to clean

Unhappy customer's complains:

a. does not work very well on apple
b. very noisy
c. Presto Peel A Meal is not worth the money and time

Do not hesitate to survey online stores and read the review, who knows it maybe the right electric potato peeler for you. Plus, online stores typically offer very competitive price.

Another related electric potato peeler model of Presto Peal A Meal is Presto 02905 Peel a Meal Electric Peeler. Both received positive review by Amazon customers. There are many electric potato peeler in the market, another one that worth to consider is Rotato Electric Potato Peeler by As Seen On TV. Lucky, with this Internet good electric potato peeler and online stores that sells it at deep discount are everywhere.

electric potato peeler