Electric Potato Peeler and Home-grown Potato

electric potato peeler

Whether you are looking for electric potato peeler, electric potato grater, or electric potato ricer, the possible reason is there could be a potato fan in you. Or you need electric potato peeler for your big family or even for your commercial purpose (a restaurant maybe). Lucky with this Internet electric potato peeler and info about it are everywhere. Do you know that it is easy to plant potato? This is the way:

Potato Farming Patio Style

The potato is one of the most versatile vegetables you can put on your plate. You can mash them, dice them, and slice them. Did you know you can even grow them? But I live in the city, you tell me. No excuse! Growing potatoes is one of the easiest vegetables to grow and they look great on the patio right up till harvest.

Potatoes, a long standing staple for many cooks, will grow in almost any part of the world. They can fill an acre of farmland or decorate your patio. All you need is a container, some good soil, and a few potatoes that have been setting around long enough to begin growing "eyes." The "eyes" are actually the sprouts or buds that will start the growth of a new plant. If you leave a potato sit for a few weeks you will see the sprouts begin.

Your patio container can be of any size or style. Anything from a plastic tub (like the ones you use to store Christmas decorations) to an old whiskey barrel will work, but I prefer to use decorative clay pots. Make sure what ever container you choose will have drainage holes so the potatoes do not sit in water. The process is simple.

First, fill your container with at least two inches of soil. Cut your potato in pieces so each piece contains at least one "eye" and lay the "eye" facing up on the soil in your container. Next cover the potato "eye" with another two inches of soil. Keep the soil moist and water when it starts to dry. As your new potato plant begins to spout and grow, you will continue to add soil to cover the new growth. Allow at least two inches of stem to emerge before adding soil. Continue adding soil to cover the stem until your container is full. The deeper your container, the more potatoes you will harvest. The potatoes will grow on the stem with the larger potatoes at the bottom.

If you live in a cold area, wait till the last frost has appeared before your begin your planting. If you live in a warm climate, you may plant year long. As the potato plant grows, it produces a nice green leafy top which looks very nice on any patio. As the potato plant matures, the tops will begin to brown and wither. This is your clue to begin your harvest. You can leave the potato crop in the soil for 4-6 weeks; but, once you dig through your container and gather your new potatoes, wash and store them in a cool place.

There could be a farmer in you that is just jumping at the chance to impress the neighbors. And what could be more impressive than hosting a dinner party with home grown potatoes. Not the usual past time or hobby of most. Think of the interesting conversation that will be be generated as you pass the potatoes.

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